Busy Moms Need to Make Dental Health a Priority

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dental health for moms gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistIf you are a mother, you know how busy your life can be. Your children may have a variety of activities that you have to cart them around to, and when that is added on top of working, helping kids with homework, and keeping the house clean, there isn’t much time left for yourself.

In some cases, the result may be that your own needs fall by the wayside, but despite how hectic your life may have become since you’ve had kids, you still need to make sure that your dental health is a top priority.


Make Sure that You Are Always Prepared

Busy moms spend a lot of time in the car going back and forth to work, school, soccer practice, ballet, and other activities. Therefore, you should always be prepared to take care of your teeth by keeping travel-sized toiletries like toothpaste, mouthwash, and a toothbrush in your bag or in your vehicle. Floss and hand wipes can also be beneficial.

Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

When you are tight on time and are in need of a snack, you may be tempted to run through a drive-thru in order to load up on a sugary beverage or dessert, and this is bad news for your teeth. Instead, keep fresh veggies and fruits, pretzels, and granola bars on hand for when you are feeling hungry.

Drink Enough Water

Make sure that you always have a full water bottle with you when running around with your kids. Staying hydrated will help to keep you at a healthy weight while also keeping your mouth hydrated to clear away bacteria.

Failing to make your dental health a priority now can lead to some uncomfortable problems in the future that may be expensive to fix. By using these tips, you can still be Super Mom while caring for your teeth.

Please contact us if you have any questions about you or your child’s oral health.

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