Teeth Whitening Dentistry

Teeth whitening from Gregorin Dental in Anchorage, AKIf you have stained or discolored teeth, a simple teeth whitening procedure can greatly improve your smile. You can choose from multiple teeth whitening options and Gregorin Dental will be able help you make an informed choice to suit your needs.

To determine the best teeth whitening option for you, call Gregorin Dental to schedule a consultation. Although we have several options to choose from, your own unique situation will determine the best course of action. The following is a list of the most popular teeth bleaching options available.

Whitening Trays

At-home whitening trays will provide minor results within a few days, however, the fully desired effect will take 2-3 weeks. You can purchase this teeth whitening option over the counter, however, it is recommended you get it from a dentist’s office. This is because OTC options are less effective and it will take longer to see results, plus a dentist can create a customized fitting to maximize your results.  This tray that will hold the whitening gel contains carbamide peroxide as the primary whitening ingredient.

Whitening Strips

Similar procedure and time frame as the tray and pen but results are typically a bit faster. These are plastic strips that are directly applied to the teeth with specialized strips for the top teeth and bottom teeth. For best results you can apply twice a day for approximately 30 minutes each time. After two weeks of diligent application, your desired results should be achieved.

Whitening Toothpastes

For whitening toothpastes, several weeks to several months of use are required to see results, depending on the quality and frequency of use. Often times, these toothpastes are harsh on the teeth and can damage your gums too. Success is not guaranteed, however, it is effective for some.

To find out what teeth whitening can do for your smile, call us today or schedule your free consultation online from the comfort of your own home. Gregorin Dental proudly services the teeth bleaching needs of those in Anchorage, AK. Don’t wait another day to brighten your smile and let our competent dentists serve you.

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