Creating Even Spaces Between Your Teeth

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creating even spaces between your teethDo you have uneven gaps between some of your teeth? This can be a problem. 

Some teeth are pushed so tightly together that they are hard to get clean, and other teeth are so far apart that it can be painful and unsightly to some.

If you want to have a more balanced look to your teeth, you have a few options. You can go in and see a specialist, or you can go in and see what options your dentist thinks will work best for your smile.

Options to Balance Out Your Teeth

Straightening your teeth with braces is one way to balance out your teeth. You can go the route of traditional braces, or you can go the route of trays you switch out every week or two that help your teeth move into place. Either of these can help pull some teeth apart, and push others together, giving you a balanced set of gaps between your teeth.

You can also talk with your dentist about veneers. While they are not able to help if the issues include pain, they are able to help if the issue is aesthetics. If you want a more balanced look to your teeth, veneers are the perfect fix. They are placed over your current teeth, filling in some gaps and creating the look for others. Plus, they can give you a brighter, whiter smile than you have now if you want.

Getting a balanced appearance for your smile is a good thing, and it can give you relief from discomfort and a boost in confidence.

Contact our office if this is what you would like for your smile. There are a few different options they can offer, and one of them is sure to work with your mouth.

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