Full Mouth Dental Restorations

The need for extensive dental work can be stressful for those suffering from significant dental issues. One of the biggest dental problems is losing many or all of your teeth. Finding an experienced and caring dental professional to guide you through the full dental restoration process can be a challenge. Here at Gregorin Dental, in Anchorage, AK, we will provide you with a warm and caring environment and extensively trained professionals. We are dedicated to restoring your teeth to the full functionality you once enjoyed.

Consequences of Missing or Lost Teeth

dental restorations at Gregorin Dental in Anchorage AKIf you have missing teeth, you are at risk of your remaining teeth drifting, which is when the open space left by the extraction begins to close due to adjoining teeth moving into that area or if opposing teeth fall into that open space. When teeth begin drifting, it typically results in further unintended consequences that can continue to harm your oral health. Commonly, drifting tends to create gum issues which can only be rectified with gum surgery. Bone loss is also another natural consequence of missing teeth, due to the loss of stimulation of the bone that supports the teeth, this is called resorption. In addition, gum disease can emerge and the look of your smile will be in jeopardy. When dental problems are neglected, existing problems become worse. The loss of many or all teeth can result in a multitude of negative consequences. Commonly, the loss of teeth results in diminished oral function, which includes challenges with eating, talking, laughing, and smiling. In addition, bone loss begins to occur, giving the face a caved in and aged appearance. Don’t put it off, and contact Gregorin Dental right away to have a consultation for full dental rehabilitation. Your quality of life will be vastly improved when you regain your full oral functionality. If you miss eating your favorite foods, have difficulties pronouncing certain words, or are embarrassed to smile or laugh, we want to help you.

Types of Dental Restorations

Dental implants are the top choice for dental restorations because they give you the best chance of getting back to your normal function. Implants most closely resemble your natural tooth. Dentures can be made using implants or implants can replace a single tooth. The number of dental implants needed will be determined by the condition of your existing teeth and jaw bone. If you do not have adequate bone and you have overall good health, bone grafting may be an option, so you can benefit from dental implant supported dentures. If your health is in question and bone grafting is not an option, conventional dentures (without implants)may be the best alternative.

Customized Dental Restoration

Every patient in Anchorage, AK is unique, so choosing an experienced dental practitioner that understands your individual needs is important to achieving optimal oral health. With Gregorin Dental, you will receive an individual treatment plan designed to help you achieve complete confidence in your smile. Your questions and concerns will be carefully considered so that you can be put at ease.


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