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Dental Exams and Cleanings in Anchorage, AK from Gregorin Dental

Did you know that your dental health is critical to your overall health? Preventing dental health problems before they start is essential to a stable dentition and can help avoid or reduce the effects of serious systemic problems. At Gregorin Dental we advise you to have twice yearly visits as well as brushing and flossing daily to achieve optimal oral health.

Teeth Cleaning Every Six Months

Visiting a dentist every six months is the most commonly recommended recall time frame for maintaining your dental health. For those dealing with more complex dental issues such as gum disease, regularly scheduled visits can help keep these conditions from worsening.

There are many benefits to biannual dental visits:

  • Prevent oral health issues, helping you maintain your lifestyle
  • Avoid expensive dental therapy
  • Maintain a healthy smile
  • Keep teeth stain free
  • Spend less time in the dental chair
  • Keep your natural teeth for the duration of your life
  • Prevent or control systemic health problems
  • Find potential oral cancer lesions at an early, treatable stage

Annual Dental Exam

Once a year at minimum, you should schedule a comprehensive dental exam. During the exam, your dentist will carefully examine your teeth and gums looking for signs of dental problems. X-rays should be taken once a year to discover any issues that may not be otherwise detectable. You should also share any concerns you may have during this exam and ask any questions. Our dentists and office team are dedicated to helping you learn how to maintain your smile and dental function for your lifetime.

Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings

It is recommended that you have professional dental cleanings twice a year. The first cleaning of the year will include your annual dental exam. Our highly-trained dental hygienists perform the professional dental cleaning service. The hygienist will examine your mouth for possible cavities, signs of gum disease, and potential bone loss, and then relay that information to Dr Gregorin to evaluate.

The hygienist will use the most advanced dental tools available to remove the hard tartar buildup from your teeth. The hygienist will clean your teeth, floss your teeth, polish your teeth and in some cases, administer a fluoride treatment.

If your hygienist finds areas of concern at the time of your cleaning appointment when you are not due for an exam, the dentist will be called in for a consult and a plan will be discussed. In many cases, simply adjusting brushing and flossing habits or adding a mouthrinse to your routine is enough to remedy any problems.

Anxiety Free Dental Exams and Check-Ups

Some of our patients have severe anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. We understand that even a routine dental checkup and cleaning can be stressful, so be sure to let us know, as we have options to assist you in feeling relaxed and at ease. We want you to come in for your dental needs before you experience pain or may be in a situation where you have to lose a tooth.

Schedule your annual exam and professional dental cleanings and checkups. The longer you wait the more treatment you may need. Contact Gregorin Dental today – You will leave the office with a clean, sparkling and happy mouth.


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