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Teeth Extraction Overview

Teeth extraction and teeth extraction cost by Gregorin Dental serving Anchorage AK

In a perfect world, teeth will last a lifetime. But, sometimes teeth become infected or are damaged to the extent that they cannot be preserved and will need to be removed. Having a tooth removed is also known as exodontia, dental extraction, tooth removal, or tooth pulling. When a dentist decides that a tooth is seriously damaged and needs to be removed, it is only after careful determination that it cannot be restored, repaired, or saved.

A damaged or infected tooth will never repair itself. The sooner a patient has the dental problem cared for, the less chance there is for an infection to spread to other areas in the mouth, other areas in the body or for additional damage to be done. Listed below are the most common reasons for a tooth extraction. Also, described below are the two methods used for the removal of teeth.

A tooth extraction cost will vary depending on the amount of dental work involved, the location of the tooth in the mouth, and if there are any additional medical considerations, such as heart problems, that may require additional care. Gregorin Dental serves patients throughout the greater Anchorage area and an appointment can be scheduled by calling

Reasons for Teeth Extraction

There are many reasons why a tooth needs to be removed. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Extensive trauma or damage beyond being repairable.
  • Severe decay or infection that cannot be corrected.
  • Too many teeth, called Supernumerary, which prevent the development of other teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment that requires a few be removed so the remaining teeth are evenly spaced and aligned.

Tooth Extraction Procedures

There are two procedures used for extracting teeth, Simple and Surgical. Both procedures are performed in the dentist’s office and, without any complications, are completed during one visit. Patients who are taking medications for heart ailments may be required to take an antibiotic before and after the procedure.

  1. Simple Extraction: This method of tooth removal is for those teeth that the dentist can see and reach without the need to retract the gums line or the supporting bone structure. The patient is given a local anesthetic to numb the procedure area.
  2. Surgical Extraction: This method of tooth removal is used when the tooth cannot easily be seen or reached without some form of surgical procedure. Typically, this process is required when a tooth has been broken off close to the gum line or the tooth has not fully emerged from the gum line. This process is also used for a tooth sectioning, when the tooth needs to be taken out in pieces. Sutures may be required to close the area.
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