Is your Diet Ruining your Teeth?

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diet ruining your teeth gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistIf you do not have a proper diet, you cannot save the health of your teeth, no matter how well you brush and floss. The food and drink that you consume can greatly affect the health of your enamel, which directly impacts your oral health. If your diet is high in acid, it will eat away at the enamel, putting you at risk for tooth decay and enamel erosion.

What is an Acidic Diet?

If your diet is high in acid, it means that you are not balancing out the pH levels in your mouth. With a regular diet that is low in acid, you are able to balance the acid with proper saliva levels. If you consume too many acidic food or drinks, though, your mouth is unable to keep up and your teeth pay the price. In general, this means consuming any type of fruit juice, sports drinks, pop, wine, citrus foods in excess and yogurt.

Eating a Balanced Diet

In order to maintain proper oral health, it is best to have a balanced diet. This means eating a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and lean protein. On occasion, sugary treats, citrus fruits, acidic vegetables and your favorite drink is okay, but everything should be consumed in moderation. If your diet is heavy in acidic foods and drinks, it will cause a chronic issue with your saliva production, making it impossible for your mouth to keep up with the acidity, forcing your enamel to pay the price.

Why not take a look at your diet today? If you make a few simple changes, you could save the health of your teeth with just your diet alone.

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