Do Buck Teeth Cause Harm to Your Mouth?

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do buck teeth cause harm to your mouth? gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistHave you ever wondered if buck teeth are considered simply a cosmetic issue or if they actually hurt your mouth? The truth is, there is a lot about buck teeth that most people don’t know.

Yes, buck teeth can actually hurt your mouth, but buck teeth are not always what you think they are.

More often than not, there is actually a reason in the lower jaw that causes the appearance of having buck teeth in the front. This determination needs to be addressed prior to figuring out what damage any buck toothed appearance may cause.

If You Do Have Buck Teeth, It Could Cause Some Harm

If you have gone through and had a dentist determine that you or your loved one has buck teeth, a treatment plan often needs to be developed. The younger the patient is, the more likely they are to have a specialist included in the treatment plan.

Buck teeth can change how a person needs to bite and chew up their food, and that can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on both the jaw and the back teeth of that person. It can lead to pain, unnatural wear on the teeth, and issues like TMJ.

When buck teeth are suspected, the earlier you can get seen, the better off you are going to be. Younger patients often require less treatment to fix the problem than older ones, since their teeth and bones move more readily.

If there is not much that needs to be done to help your case of buck teeth, then make sure you take every possible step to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Plus, make sure you see your dentist every six months like you are supposed to, so they can catch any issues from your buck teeth as early as possible.

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