Do you have sensitivity or pain in your teeth?

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tooth and pain sensitivity gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistWe don’t want our patients to be uncomfortable or in pain. If you are finding that you are avoiding cold or hot drinks, or eating on the other side of your mouth, we can help. Sensitive teeth can arise from numerous causes including cavities, gum disease, or your enamel not having the strength it needs to protect the dentin in your teeth. We can diagnose the issue and make recommendations that can improve the sensitivity of your teeth, making you much more comfortable.

What causes sensitive teeth?

To better understand tooth sensitivity, it’s best to understand the structure of your teeth. If you were to look at your tooth under a microscope, you would see it a tooth is made up of microscopic tubules that is filled with tiny nerve endings, this is what is known as the dentin of your tooth and those nerves are what can cause you to feel pain.

Covering your dentin is a hard layer known as enamel. Enamel protects your dentin and shields you from pain. If you are experiencing dentin hypersensitivity this may be due to your dentin losing the protective layer of enamel, exposing your nerve endings and allowing them to come into contact and react to hot, cold or even acidic foods and drinks that can cause your discomfort and pain.

How can the dentist help relieve my sensitive teeth?

Helping a patient relieve the pain from sensitive teeth begins with an examination. During your exam, we can determine the reason for your sensitive teeth and rule out problems which may include gum recession, teeth grinding, or tooth erosion and then begin the process of restoration.

This may include a fluoride treatment, desensitizing toothpaste or other procedures as prescribed by the dentist. Please contact us if you have any questions about sensitive teeth.

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