How At Home Whitening Kits Stack Up Against Treatments at Your Dentist’s Office

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at home whitening vs dentist gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistAny and all kinds of professional treatment costs money and when it requires several visits to get the desired results for your teeth, the cost might burn a hole in your pocket.

In the past, for treatments such as teeth-whitening, there used to be a noticeable difference in the results when done by a certified professional compared to when done at home; due to the fact that dentists had access to and used only the very best while at-home kits had cheaper and less effective ingredients. However, people preferred and still prefer at-home options because they are cheaper.

Today the market is flooded with products that claim identical results to that of the dentist’s, but though the ingredients bleach better, it might not be the better option. What people do not seem to realize is that the product is cheaper because it contains only around 7% hydrogen peroxide which is the main bleaching agent. However, the products that dentists use have more than 35% hydrogen peroxide and so you get better results at a faster rate.

Here is where we have to ask ourselves – “which is the more expensive option?” DIY kits cost less because they have a lesser amount of hydrogen peroxide and so you might have to buy more kits to get the same results that you get at one sitting at the dentist’s office.

Another aspect why people buy DIY kits is that they want the comforts of their own home and they want to bleach their teeth only when they are free. Regular visits to the dentists might not fit into their schedule. However, when a dentist whitens your teeth, it will be carefully monitored and side-effects such as sensitivity will be minimal.

Also, you can be sure of the ingredients used by a dentist while a do-it-yourself kit may not be up to the mark even though they claim similar results and may end up weakening or damaging your teeth. So while a DIY sounds attractive, it might not be the best option considering the health of your teeth.

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