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overcoming fear of the dentist gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistSometimes phobias can get the best of us, but they can also diminish our health if we let it. One out of every five people have a phobia, or fear, of going to the dentist. Although this phobia does not seem as if it would disrupt your life, it could.

Not having your teeth taken care of by a dentist at least once year can cause serious issues to arise that you might overlook, issues only a dentist can fix. Going to the dentist should become part of a normal routine, especially if you have children.

Overcoming your fear of the dentist can be a positive influence on your teeth and others who may have the same phobia.

Reasons Why People Fear the Dentist

There are thousands of reasons why an individual would want to shy away from the dentist’s office. Here are a few key notes that are commonly found as reasons why people fear the dentists.

Pain – This is the top reason why people fear going to the dentist. Many dental experiences as a child or growing up could cause you to feel uncomfortable or experience pain. This could lead to having a few of returning to the dentist’s office. When this fear arises, be sure to keep in mind that the advancements in technology have allowed dentists to work towards creating a pain free visit each and every time.

Injections – Normally, if you are having serious work done in your mouth, there is a chance you are getting an injection. For those who fear needles and the dentists, this would be a double whammy.

Side Effects – Although it may not be a common fear, some people do take into consideration the side effects of the anesthesia. They might feel uneasy and that the dose was not big enough. This could lead to jittering and frustration, which in turn will affect how quickly and effectively the dentist can finish the work.

Embarrassment – When a dentist leans over the chair you are laying back in to take a peek at your mouth, they come really close to your face. If your breath is bad or if you have issues with the appearance of your teeth, this may feel as if the dentist is invading your personal space. In reality, that is exactly what is happening, but in the long run it is helping you to keep a bright healthy smile.

Helplessness – You are unable to look at the work being done to your mouth, which can prove to be a very uneasy situation. During many procedures the dentist will ask that you be completely still and try not to talk. This in itself could cause one to feel out of control. The feeling of helplessness when visiting the dentist can definitely cause a phobia of dentists.

Overcoming Dental Phobia

Some people never try to overcome their phobias because it seems too difficult, they can live with their phobia, or they do not feel as if they have the will power to overcome their fears. The only thing holding you back from overcoming your dental phobia is yourself. Each person may attempt to overcome their phobia on their own and in different ways.

Here are some tips that can help you overcome your fear of going to the dentist, as an adult.

  • Let them know you are nervous about the visit
  • Visit the office before your appointment to become familiar with it
  • Ask for anesthetic gels before you receive an injection to help numb the area
  • Take someone with you to be your support buddy
  • Bring a pair of headphones and a music player to keep your mind occupied
  • Try to book an appointment at the beginning of the day to avoid thinking about it throughout the day

These tips and more can be great ways to start overcoming your fear of the dentist. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your dental phobia or other dental issues, contact our office.

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