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stop chewing ice gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistWhen you are out at a restaurant, do you enjoy removing the ice from your drink so that you can chew on it? If so, you are in good company, as a lot of people have ice chewing habits, even though it is bad news for the teeth. If you are an ice chewer, there are numerous reasons that you’ll want to give up that habit as soon as possible.

What’s the Big Deal about Chewing Ice?

When it comes to chewing ice and your teeth, there is one major and obvious problem – ice is hard.

In fact, most dentists will say that consistently chewing on ice is bound to result in enamel damage, and it is likely that you’ll need enamel restoration treatments at some point in your life if you keep up the habit.

There are some people who actually have ice cravings, known as pagophagia, and the problems are even more pronounced with this condition. Researchers believe that pagophagia could be the sign of anemia, which is a lack of iron in the blood, and failure to treat the problem could lead to health complications. It is suspected that anemia can cause oral inflammation at might spark an urge to seek relief in the form of chewing on ice.

If you are having ice cravings, it is important that you speak to your doctor or your dentist. A blood test can be performed to determine if you are anemic ice chewer or if you simply have a bad habit or oral fixation.

Fortunately, anemia is a condition that is easily treatable by taking daily iron supplements, and by addressing the condition, you could protect your teeth by eliminating your ice chewing habit.

You should also be sure to visit with your dentist regularly if you chew on ice. Periodic dental appointments can work to combat the problems resulting from your habit before they get out of control and are harder to correct.

Please contact us if you have any questions about chewing ice.

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