Suffering From Sensitive Teeth?

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sensitive teeth help gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistNo one likes to deal with sensitive teeth. It stops you from eating and drinking your favorite food and drink and can be downright painful. Rather than just dealing with it, our professionals can help you get to the root of the problem, providing you with a solution that will restore your ability to enjoy your favorite foods once again.

A Dental Exam Can Help Find a Solution

Sometimes just from our regular dental exam, we can tell that you suffer from sensitive teeth. A few signs that point us to that conclusion include enamel erosion or gum recession; both of these situations expose the dentin of your teeth, which is what feels the pain from hot and cold food/drink. If the dentin is exposed, we need to determine if you are suffering from tooth decay or gum disease and then provide you with the appropriate treatment to fix the problem and decrease your pain.

At-Home Tips for Sensitive Teeth

In addition to our thorough exam, we will also provide you with at-home tips that you can utilize to help decrease the sensitivity in your teeth. A few examples include:

• Discussing the type of toothbrush you use at home. A hard-bristled brush can cause damage to your enamel and gum tissue, exposing the dentin.
• Practice softer brushing techniques to decrease the amount of pressure on your teeth and gums.
• Modifying your diet to exclude extremely acidic foods that could be destroying your enamel.

It is our goal to help you preserve your oral health with proper diet and oral hygiene habits in order to prevent the discomforts that sensitive teeth can cause. If you have questions and want additional information, please call us for a consultation.

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