How Using a Straw Can Benefit Your Oral Health

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using a straw can benefit oral health gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistUsing a straw is a great way to protect your teeth, especially when sipping on drinks that may be acidic or prone to staining.

Why, you ask? Well, there are several ways that using a straw can benefit your oral health, and learning more about them will likely have you asking for a straw the next time you grab a soda or order a frozen coffee.

Minimal Exposure

One of the main reasons that using a straw will benefit your teeth is simply because it will reduce the amount of contact between the beverage and your teeth. A straw will keep substances away from the teeth, reducing the risk of bacteria.

Protection Against Stains

Using a drinking straw can help to protect your teeth against the stains that often accompany long-term exposure to drinks that are dark in color. Since the front of your teeth won’t have direct and constant contact, your teeth will be better protected against discoloration.

Less Chance for Burns

When you use a straw, you will have better control of the liquid as it enters your mouth. When drinking something hot, this can be especially helpful, as you’ll be drinking smaller amounts, reducing the chance that you could burn or otherwise damage your mouth and tongue.

Better Hygiene

Think of how many hands pass over your can of soda before you start drinking out of it, and then consider the fact that you put your mouth on that same can. All of those germs will go straight to your mouth, contacting your teeth and potentially even making you sick. A straw will reduce your germ exposure, keeping your teeth and the rest of your body as healthy as possible.

Consider a drinking straw to be an important tool in your oral health regimen. If you have additional questions, contact our office to set up a consultation.

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