Should I Worry About Dry Mouth?

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dry mouth care gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistDry mouth is a problem that you need to be concerned about. It is more than needing a drink of water; it is a chronic problem that can lead to serious dental issues if it is not resolved. The exact cause of dry mouth is not easy to pinpoint as it could be a multitude of things including problems with the salivary glands, a side effect of medication that you take or the result of changing hormones. If you are constantly feeling thirsty or ‘dry’ it is time to find out why.

Serious Issue with Dry Mouth

A dry mouth causes more than the need to grab a drink; it makes it difficult to properly chew and swallow your food, increases your risk of tooth decay, puts you at risk for fungal infections and makes it difficult to wear dentures.

If you are unable to properly chew and swallow your food, you could suffer from several digestive issues as a result. When there is not saliva present to break the food down, the body cannot properly digest it, which means potential issues for your stomach. In addition, the food that you do eat will remain on the surface of your teeth rather than being washed down with your saliva. The more food that is present in your mouth, the higher the risk of tooth decay, no matter how often you brush your teeth. This can cause a whole multitude of complications in your mouth including the risk of root damage, tooth loss and even bone loss if gum disease were to result from the bacteria.

Dry mouth is nothing to take lightly – if you feel a difference in the amount of saliva you are producing it is time to have an evaluation to determine if there are dental issues occurring as a result. Dr. Gregorin will help you not only treat the dental conditions but also get to the root of the problem in order to get your saliva production back on track. Call us today if you are concerned about dry mouth.

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