Arthritis Can Impact Your Oral Health

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arthritis and oral health gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistWhen you are dealing with health issues like rheumatoid arthritis, your body struggles with large amounts of inflammation.

This can happen anywhere on your body, but typically happens in your joints the most.

However, inflammation in your mouth is common when you suffer from this diagnosis, too, especially if you struggle to brush and floss your teeth as often as they require.

Bettering Your Oral Health When Facing an Arthritis Diagnosis

Making sure that you still brush your teeth twice each day, and floss once each day, is important, even if your mouth is inflamed. However, it may be difficult to do. If your hands make brushing harder, then add some cushioning to your toothbrush so it is easier to grip. This should make brushing a little easier, and allow you to keep up with the proper oral routine.

Power toothbrushes and flossing appliances can make the movements required a lot easier as well, since you no longer have to move your arm up and down, or around in circles, when using these appliances. This can spare your joints, and keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Should you notice that your gums are inflamed after brushing, rinsing with salt water can help make the swelling or inflammation go down. Just because your body is struggling does not mean that you should not do everything you can to keep up with your oral health. While arthritis is able to control what you can and cannot do at times, it should never stop you from being able to maintain taking care of your mouth.

Brush and floss with appliances that make it easier, and keep seeing your dentist regularly. This can help spare your teeth the same fate that your joints are going through due to your arthritis.

Please contact us if you have any questions about how arthritis affect your oral health.

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