Why is Drinking Water Important for Good Oral Health?

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drinking water and oral health gregorin dental anchorage alaska dentistDrinking water is a crucial part for maintaining your oral health routine. Water is important in driving toxins out of the body and helping you to maintain a healthy weight, but it also has a variety of oral health benefits.

By identifying some of the benefits of water for your oral health, you can better understand the importance of this addition to your diet.

Water Rinses Away Harmful Material

Acidic and sugary foods can be damaging to your teeth because they can result in decay. When the acids in foods like citrus fruits and tomatoes are able to accumulate on your teeth, they will break down the enamel.

Water can help to rinse these acids off the teeth before they can do damage, and although drinking water isn’t a substitute for regular tooth brushing, it can be an important part of your oral health routine.

Municipal Water Contains Fluoride

City water in the U.S. has been fluoridated since the 1970s, and it is helping to prevent tooth decay. In fact, the CDC as listed water fluoridation as one of the top health achievements that were accomplished in the 20th century.

Water Freshens Your Breath

Dry mouth is one of the top causes of bad breath, including morning breath. While you are asleep, you produce very little saliva, which can dry your mouth out in the morning. By drinking water, you will eliminate the dried out environment that can attract bacteria.

Drinking Water Helps to Keep Your Teeth White

Certain foods and drinks can stain your teeth, especially if you allow them to maintain contact with your teeth for too long. After you eat berries, chocolate, or other deep-colored food items, or after you have a cup of coffee or glass of red wine, drink some water.

Swishing out your mouth with water will be beneficial in flushing away the elements of these items that can cause stains. Please contact us if you have any questions about your drinking waters effect on your oral health!

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